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Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic panels, are made up of many individual solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells. The solar panel’s functionality improves as the number of solar cells increases. The most important thing to understand about solar panels is that they capture sunlight and convert it into energy that can be utilized for a variety of purposes (street lighting, heating systems, machine installations, charging of phones, cameras, signage, and many other energies driven devices). The energy generated is either stored in special solar batteries for later use or immediately sent into the grid.

The first solar panel was produced in 1954, and since then, the use of solar technology has grown exponentially.


  1. Do my solar panels generate electricity even when the sun isn’t shining?
    Solar panels will not create power if the sun is blocked by clouds, and they will surely not produce electricity if there is no sunlight available during the night. When considering a solar installation, the key is to prepare ahead.
  1. When do solar panels cease operating due to temperature?
    Solar panels are typically tested at around 77 degrees Fahrenheit and are rated to work at optimal efficiency between 59 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. During the summer, though, solar panels may reach temperatures of 149°F. When the surface temperature of your solar panels rises to this level, the efficiency of your panels may suffer.
  1. Is it possible to go off the grid using solar panels?
    You will still be linked to the grid if you put solar panels on your property. This allows you to take electricity from the grid when your system isn’t producing enough, and to send power back to the grid when your system is producing more than you need. It is feasible to get off the grid with a solar energy system that incorporates battery storage, but it will be far more expensive and useless for most houses.
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Solar energy is sustainable, green, and much cheaper than other forms of energy. When you opt for solar energy you opt for a better tomorrow.


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