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Safety Switch Installation

Are you looking for a trustworthy safety switch and of good quality? With Electrical Express, it’s as easy as turning a switch. From repairing or replacing your old fuse box to installing safety switches in your new home, we’ll be there for you.

Safety Switch Installation

It’s critical to keep your house and family secure. Safety switches, also known as RCDs or Residual Current Devices, are one of the most crucial electrical devices you should have since electrical safety always comes first. Only safety switches are meant to protect humans, whereas fuses and circuit breakers safeguard equipment in your house.

Technically, they interrupt excessive current by instantly turning off the power when dangerous quantities of energy leak to the ground through malfunctioning switches, cabling, or appliances. They give a high level of personal protection against electrical damage in certain conditions.

Even if they are on a different tariff, you should consider having safety switches placed on all circuits in your house, including power points, lighting, air conditioning, oven, hot water, and pool equipment circuits.

Why should you install safety switches at home?

Consciousness is always the first step toward safety. What better way to comprehend safety switches than to discover what they do? Every Sydney house is obliged by law to have RCDs or safety switches. They can protect your family, house, and electrical appliances by doing the following:

Electrical Express will keep your home safe at all times

Do you require dependable, high-quality safety switches? It’s as easy as flipping a switch with Electrical Express. We’ll help you with everything from fixing or updating your existing fuse box to installing safety switches in your new house.

We’ll also show you how to test your safety switch quickly. We’ll be able to guarantee that it’s actively defending you and your family in this way.

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