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Level 2 Electrician Sydney

Level 2 Electrician Sydney

A level 2 electrician differs from an ordinary electrician in several ways. They are more qualified to perform sophisticated electrical work. Connecting and removing power from the electrical grid, for example. Level 2 electrical issues are riskier, and they must be completed by skilled and trained professionals. To handle contestable work, an electrician must be an Authorized/Accredited Service Provider (Level 2 electrician).


  • Supply and install customer private pole

Customer private poles for electrical connection to the premises are supplied and installed; permitted poles are typically concrete, steel (galvanized), and timber poles. A level 2 electrician will string or install a 25mm XLPE Aluminum single-phase or three-phase ABC cable to the point of connection placed at the top of the pole in a typical household installation of a 100-amp supply. To adapt and comply with the specific pole utilized, a pole cap is attached along with a hook and any other relevant fixings.

  • Consumer mains upgrades

Consumer mains upgrades are typically required when the existing wiring system between the point of attachment/point of supply/point of connection and the meter box fails to comply, is damaged, or is undersized to withstand the additional stresses that will be placed on it if load consumption increases. A suitably qualified electrician is permitted to complete the consumer mains replacement or upgrade as long as the connection to the network is not made. The level 2 electrician will test disconnect and reconnect the services once the upgrade has been completed and complies with AS3000 wiring rules.

  • Notices of Defects

There are several reasons why your electrical system cannot meet safety requirements. Faulty wiring, alterations to the original connection, or un-kept vegetation that poses a danger of interference with electrical cables can all result in electrical defect warnings. Rusty or broken brackets, loose connection boxes, decaying fascia boards, outmoded switchboards, UV-damaged mains, point of attachment difficulties, and low-running overhead service cables are all frequent defects.

FAQs - Level 2 Electrician Sydney

Level 2 electrical work, also known as contestable or service work, is a combination of accreditation and knowledge that a contractor will require to connect customers like homeowners and buildings to Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy’s network. The network to which level 2 electrical work is connected is owned by the energy providers. People refer to the network as power poles or power lines, but level 2 electrical work is essentially the responsibility of connecting both customers and the network in a compliant manner.

A Level 2 Electrician is a contractor who can connect the level 2 electrical work that is being suggested. These electricians, in particular, have the authority to physically connect customers to the network. They must comply with standards imposed by the government, such as public liability.

Accredited Service Providers, or ASPs, are companies that provide services to customers. Only network operators had allowed to provide this service before the Electricity Supply Act of 1995. This statute allowed electricity customers the choice of using the energy provider’s service or calling an ASP for assistance. Since then, ASPs have helped energy suppliers reduce their network strain.

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