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Bird Mesh

Birds, particularly pigeons, may make a lot of noise and leave a lot of mess. Pigeons nesting beneath your Solar Panels might harm the wires or the Solar Panels, resulting in problems with your Solar System.

Bird Mesh

You can safeguard your solar panels and your green energy investment by bird proofing them. Simply place a wire mesh or Bird netting around the outer perimeter of your Solar Panels to achieve this. Pigeons will not be able to nest under your solar panels as a result of this, and the panels’ guarantee will not be affected.

A single home with solar panels may support 40 or more pigeons since solar panels are installed on one in every five Sydney residences. The odor, the filth, the loss of solar panel performance, and the damage to the homeowner’s roof, gutters, and water collection storage are all significant. Bird mesh on solar panels, along with our patented Solar Mesh Clips, provide a simple and efficient solution for preventing nuisance birds from accessing your solar panels or roof. The problem is remedied in a few hours, avoiding costly roof damage. The mesh is available in stainless steel with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

In all building environmental scenarios in Sydney, the Solar System’s Bird Mesh exclusion system is the first choice. Unlike other similar items on the market, Our Bird Mesh is not a plastic-coated galvanized mesh, therefore rusting on the “cut” edges is not a concern.

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It’s a never-ending battle to keep solar panels clear of junk. While some dirt will inevitably accumulate on the solar panel, most of it will be carried away by the wind. Anything that isn’t naturally eliminated tends to come off easily with a simple spritz of water and a wipe-off. Unfortunately, not all waste is created equal, and bird droppings provide a unique issue.

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